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    I gave the impression that I wasn’t interested, they followed my lead and dropped pursuit. When I was 13, I spent every night talking on the phone with a cute, ginger-haired boy named Kevin. I wanted him to be my boyfriend so bad, but I convinced myself that he’d never go out with a chubby brown girl, so I hooked him up with my little, blonde best friend. (Fast-forward about 15-odd years, and Kevin and I actually did end up dating for a while. You might call it my Moncler Women Vests Sale childhood dream come true, and you can read all — well, maybe not all — the mushy details here).Then, when I was in college, I fell for an older, thoughtful poet. He was beyond Moncler Women Coats Black Friday Sales dreamy, and although we’d watch movies in the dark at each other's houses all the time, nothing romantic developed between us, and now I understand why. As fate would have it, I was forced to face my friend-zoning tendencies when I ran into the poet last year at a party and jokingly said “I had the biggest crush on you, but you weren’t interested.”

    He looked shocked and reminded me that whenever he’d invite me over to watch a movie at his place, I’d just curl up into a tight ball on the opposite side of the couch. My body language had told him everything he needed to know.The thing is, I'm a big proponent of starting things off slowly — developing a Moncler Women Jackets Black Friday friendship first. But, I had trouble getting past that whole friendship part. There was no doubt I had to change some habits if I wanted to let love in. One thing that helpd me leave the friend zone was accepting the vulnerability that's attached to being a part of an intimate relationship. Being a guy's best friend was a position I was comfortable in. I knew how it worked, and I knew the pain that came when he eventually and inevitably started dating someone Moncler Kids Coats else. I chose to put myself in the friend zone because it was safe: I Moncler Men Vests Sale knew the score.I almost never told guys I liked them, because I was terrified of the unknown — terrified of putting myself out there. I didn’t want to be the first one to admit I wanted something more from the relationship. Instead, I was willing to sit back and wait, while pretending I didn’t care either way.
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